At Want that invite, we truly believe that our services are worth every penny and can actually sometimes save you money. We work with some of the best suppliers in the area and look to provide the best event possible with your specific budget. 


As stylists we help our clients make their dream event become a reality. We take a look at your initial ideas and help combine and refine them to create a cohesive and consistent look throughout the venue. We ensure that your personality is portrayed and the event concept is met. We give our clients realistic expectations as to what is possible with their given budget. We not only make places look pretty, we consider the practical aspects of the event to. We use the 5 senses to not only transform how the space looks, but how it feels too. 

Whats included

- An initial design consultation at your house/venue
- A personalised moodboard in your chosen colour scheme/theme
- A checklist of all the decor and items to suit your budget
- Suggestions of suppliers 
- A digital design of your choice 


As wedding & event co-ordinators we help you to organise and manage your event before, during and after the date. We perform a series of duties designed to alleviate the stress and reduce the work load. This is for those who are happy to take on the major task of planning and now want to relax in the run up to the event. We keep everything on track and ensure the day goes to plan. 

 Whats included
- An initial coordination consultation 
- Contact and management of all suppliers already booked
- Creation of an on the day timeline
- On the day co-ordination of all suppliers including full set-up
- Co-ordination the following day upon collection  


As a wedding planner I help make my clients wedding an exciting and enjoyable process from start to finish. I work with my clients to assist with the design, planning and management of the whole day, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. I perform a series of duties designed to alleviate stress and reduce the work load, taking all the unwanted tasks off your hands and getting them done. Not only will I plan your day but I shall also design it, ensuring that your style is portrayed throughout the whole venue. Let me take the stress off your hands and create a beautiful wedding day, together. 

Whats included
- Up to 5 hours of consultations
- Sourcing and booking suppliers 
- A mood board & digital design to pull all your ideas together
- Creation of checklists
- Creation of timelines
- On the day co-ordination 
- Morning after dismantle  


For those of you that would like to check in with a design professional before taking the next step in your styling journey. This 1 and a half hour consultation gives clients the chance to speak with me about their current ideas, their event goals and outcomes, their personality, budget, colour scheme, theme etc. They can pick my brains about all things styling, DIY, space planning, concepts and creativity. 

I shall have a look over their current Pinterest board of ideas and streamline and align their pins to create an overall cohesive look. I shall sort and arrange the board making pinning easy and organised and this will create the base for their event. 

 I shall create a personalised mood board full of the ideas discussed at the consultation. This will include realistic images of what you could incorporate into your event helping create a base for your styling. 

If you dont feel that you see above any services that suit you and your needs, why not get in touch and we can create something bespoke to give you the helping hand that your after.